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Supreme Green uses the highest quality products and the most efficient procedures to provide a beautiful lawn for each of our important customers. We work to serve our customers in a way that they expect and deserve. We know that our customers are the reason that Supreme Green is successful. We always work with a desire to go beyond their expectations. No matter the size of the company we always treat each customer as the most important one we have.


Our program consists of up to 7 lawn sprays for the season. The sprays include fertilizer, nutrients, pre-emergent, weed control, grub prevention and insect control. This will give your lawn what it needs to strengthen roots, avoid weeds and give you a beautiful green lawn all season.


Tired of pulling weeds out of your desert landscape and planter areas? We provide a pre-emergent/weed kill three times per year. The pre-emergent helps prevent weed seeds from germinating, and the weed kill gets those that may have gotten through.


We also treat commercial properties, keeping decorative rock and other areas weed free.